Grand Knight, Dean Reber

Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart and Holy Rosary:

Our Monsignor Bornemann Council of the Knights of Columbus, #16066, is venturing into its 7th year. During that time we have promoted varied programs in our parishes such as:
– RSVP Program: Financial Support of Seminarians
– Roses & Rosary Program – Council presence at Baptisms
– Parish/community assistance for work projects (involving painting, cleanup, personal aid to those in need)
– Support of LifeLine of Berks County
– Support parish youth in different activities
– Promote & Support Sacred Heart School Scholarship Events
– Promote devotional events at our parishes
Our success in these programs is directly related to YOU, the parishioners of Sacred Heart and Holy Rosary. Thank you for your prayers and financial support during the year; I also offer the thanks of all my Brother Knights in our Council.

Building on the efforts of my predecessors; Past Grand Knights Gerald Blaum and Frank Urso, and John Sylvester, I look forward to the growth of our Council and expansion of service to our parishes and with promotion of charitable efforts.

Also, I invite the men of our parishes, ages 18 plus, to reflect on joining us in our work. We welcome your inquiry for membership. We need your presence in the Knights of Columbus as we strive with the Church to be an example of living our faith in public view. Come walk with us as a Brother Knight!

Vivat Jesus!
Grand Knight, Dean Reber

The Chalice of Monsignor George Bornemann
The Silver Rose at Holy Rosary



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